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Broker List in Cabo Verde


Cabo Verde is a small archipelago located off the coast of West Africa. It has a developing economy that is heavily dependent on tourism, fishing, and remittances from Cape Verdean communities abroad. Cabo Verde does not have a significant financial services sector, and there are only a few licensed brokerage firms operating in the country.

Regulatory Environment

The regulatory framework for financial services in Cabo Verde is overseen by the Central Bank of Cabo Verde, which is responsible for ensuring stability in the country's financial system, as well as preventing money laundering and terrorist financing. The Central Bank regulates and supervises all financial institutions operating in Cabo Verde, including brokerage firms that conduct securities trading activities.

Brokerage Firms in Cabo Verde

Cabo Verde has only a few licensed brokerage firms that provide services to investors. These firms typically offer securities trading services for both domestic and international markets. However, some of these firms may have limited trading capabilities and may not offer a wide range of financial instruments.

Choosing a Broker in Cabo Verde

When selecting a broker in Cabo Verde, investors should consider several factors, including the broker's reputation, regulatory compliance, fees and commissions, trading platform capabilities, customer support, and financial stability. It is also essential to verify the broker's regulatory status with the Central Bank of Cabo Verde and to ensure that the broker is authorized to provide trading services in the markets of interest.


Cabo Verde's relatively small financial services sector means that there are only a few licensed brokerage firms in the country. Investors seeking to invest in the Cabo Verdean stock market may need to consider using a foreign broker or brokerage firm to access the market. When dealing with any brokerage firm, investors should ensure that they understand all the risks involved and choose a broker that meets their investment needs and goals.

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